Dragon Village MOD APK v13.53 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Food)

Dragon Village MOD Apk
Dragon Village MOD Apk

Download The Latest Apk Version of Dragon Village MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Gems) for Android. The Best Role Playing Game for Android. This MOD APK has Modded Resources such as Unlimited Money, Gems, Food & All Unlocked for free. This is a game where players are required to construct.

About Dragon Village Apk

Dragon Village is one of the games that gives players an array of experiences, with a unique and vivid fantasy world.¬†If you’re a lover of taking part in various game simulations, this could be among the most exciting games to should add to your collection.¬†By playing this game, you’ll be the most prosperous mage in the world, and be competent enough to control your Dragon world with ease.

The game was researched and created in the way of the idle game, which is a common experience for numerous players by using a couple of basic operations to manage. When players are introduced to the game, they’ll experience an exclusive entertainment experience where they don’t have to carry out a variety of complicated controlling operations.

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How to Play?

In the game, you must explore the world of dragons and harness their power by bringing them up. At first, you must populate your village by hatching dragon eggs that transform to create new dragons. Let them mature and train them with special abilities to be able to use in the future. As time passes, you will unlock new dragon species and join them in epic battles.

It is necessary to build and unlock new buildings to begin the rearing of your dragons and for storage of the resources. Also, you can obtain new breeds of dragons by crossing the species with unique characteristics. Create a unique dragon village and feel mighty throughout the entire area. Additionally, the gameplay is like Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk. There is a variety of content to play and plenty of practice sessions within this gameplay.

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What is Dragon Village MOD Apk?

The DRAGON VILLAGE MOD Apk is a distinctive and thrilling dragon-themed game that is suitable for every player segment. In the world of adventure, gamers will feel various new and exciting impressions of the distinctive design concept. Even though the game is within the 2D segment its combat features are extremely varied and practical and players can be able to experience a range of realistic experiences carrying out the tasks that are set by the game.

The demand for entertainment is growing and increasing numbers of gamers want innovative and exciting games. This is why the creation of DRAGON VILLAGE, a city sim mania MOD Apk is an appealing game that teaches numerous of the top combat skills. The game features various dragons to pick from, and then fight.

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Game Screenshots:

  • Dragon Village Screenshot
  • Dragon Village Screenshot
  • Dragon Village Screenshot
  • Dragon Village Screenshot
  • Dragon Village Screenshot
  • Dragon Village Screenshot

Features Of Dragon Village Apk

The power that is evolving

Dragons are able to grow and develop.¬†They can improve their dragon’s abilities and skills as you progress in your levels and also when you purchase various abilities.¬†These abilities will become a permanent feature of your dragons.¬†The power that evolves is HP, the attack power of dragons.¬†Dragons have the ability to defend themselves and are elemental.¬†They can be easily altered by dragons.¬†These additional powers allow dragons to fight effectively in battles.


Dragons list

There’s a wide variety of dragons that can be found in the game.A complete list of dragons is included within the game.¬†The dragon list is broken down into 6 categories.¬†The first category is called the “all category”, which is a compilation of the five other categories.¬†The second category is comprised of all the dragons that you owned and now are yours.The categories from 3rd to 6th are organized in such a manner that they have lower or higher levels of dragons. This means that the 3rd category is one star in its ranking, while the final one is 4 stars in its ranking.

Dragons fusion

Fusion is a fantastic feature of the game. It allows you to combine two dragons in order to increase their abilities and skills. Combining the two dragons will provide you with stronger and more successful dragons, which will allow you to achieve success in battle. Fusion can be applied for dragons that are in play and have not been locked.

Rewards and daily bonuses or bucks

Once you have reached the level of your character you will be awarded various rewards. You get gems. You can use the dragons that are locked. In addition, you get daily rewards whenever you launch your game. The initial message you receive is regarding the daily bonus. The daily bonus contains gems to be used. With these gems, you can buy things like dragons, eggs, as well as other items.

Unlimited coins, gems, and even food items

The resources included in the mod apk for dragon village, unlimited diamonds are in a limitless manner. You can make use of an unlimited amount of gems to purchase various items. You can unlock more abilities for your dragons and even unlock dragons that are locked. The food you feed your dragons to breed them is essential. The availability of food is crucial. Dragons Village Mod Apk gives you endless food.

No ads

This is an ad-free app to allow its game to run smoothly without causing any disturbance. Since this game is designed to have to play with a smooth rhythm, there is no option other than to include any additional features to it. Since this could disrupt the core gameplay.

Safe apk

Dragon village downloads PC Mod Apk is a completely safe application that is 100% safe to install. It has passed through the security check thoroughly. It has been confirmed to be an app that is safe for users. A crucial point to remember is that you download the app from trusted sources only. Install the application from reliable sources.

More Features

  • Internet connectivity is only required in certain areas.
  • Free cash items are given daily!
  • Simple gameplay mechanics.
  • The diverse appearance and capabilities of the legendary dragons.
  • Do your best to be on the leaderboard.
  • Besiege ancient monsters on different stages.
  • You can fight with your friends and other players using the PvP system.
  • Signature moves for each dragon.

Dragon Village MOD Apk- Unlimited Resources, Everything Unlocked

In addition, you could download the most current version of Dragon Village MOD APK to enjoy additional benefits over the previous version. With these, you’ll be able to get an early start learning to train your dragon. This is great for those who don’t have much time to spare. In addition, you are able to use the system to get rid of the monotony of fighting and increase your potions.

Dragon Village MOD Apk Download

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Endless Food
  • Unlimited Resouces

How To Install Dragon Village MOD Apk Latest Version on Android

The installation of the Dragon Village MOD APK application will not take more than one minute. Just follow the steps below to successfully download and install the Dragon Village Premium Mod Apk latest version (13.53) on your Android Device.

  • Firstly, Uninstall the old apk version of the application Dragon Village from your android device. If already installed.
  • Now download the latest¬†mod apk version of Dragon Village from¬†the download section.
  • After downloading, open your file manager or directly press install on the downloaded file.
  • Make sure to allow ‚Äúunknown sources‚ÄĚ from the app settings.
  • All Set, the game is installed on your device and you are ready to use.

Recommended Game:


Begin by creating your dragon eggs into new dragons which will begin taking over your neighborhood.¬†To strengthen your dragons they must be trained and developed to make them stronger.¬†Breed new dragons in order to create new species that have more capabilities.¬†Additionally, enjoy controlling your dragon’s army in various thrilling adventures, where you’ll win amazing prizes and purchase the latest dragon.

The gameplay in this game could be fascinating as you must make a specific area for your dragons.¬†Once you have created a land area for your dragons’ territory, you can teach them how to take on various dragons.



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