Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast MOD APK 1.12.2 (Unlimited Money)

Alchemy Stars MOD Apk
Alchemy Stars MOD Apk

There are so many available and enjoyable Role Playing games available today. Download Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Mod APKUnlimited money and Free Shopping now. The Alchemy Stars MOD APK has Modded Features with Unlimited Money, Gems & All Unlocked with Gifts for free. Alchemy Stars Mod revolves around the story of Aurorians and Caelestites who are two races that have lived for a long time and thrived with lots of challenges and surprises. Grow your gaming skills today!

About Alchemy Stars Game

Alchemy stars: Aurora Blast is a blend of adventure and fantasy. It’s an intriguing RPG game with an engaging storyline. If you are a fan of games that are mobile, then you’ll definitely enjoy this game. It takes you on an exciting adventure as you are chased by the sun. In the course of the game, players will discover magic and technology that make it more enjoyable for players.

Alchemy Stars Aurora Blast is a product of Tourdog Studio and Tencent Games. This is a brand new twist on a well-known online RPG game. It’s all about the shadow and light. we can use light to guide us in facing darkness. It’s about combating authority or creating adjustments to success plans or methods of achieving the goals.

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Through this game, you’ll be able to explore a world filled with tech and magic. The glow of the Aurora shines through the area. The players must chase the light until they reach the skies’ limits and beyond.

As the sole survivor, you will have to deal with numerous difficult situations and embark on a journey of perpetual exile, deep beneath. After 17 years of exile, you are identified in the hands of an Aurorian who brings you back to the surface. You are now required to return to your home and take the responsibility for your hometown.

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What is Alchemy Stars MOD Apk?

This game Alchemy Stars Mod Apk is an online match-3 game that comes with different upgrades and enhancements which include a gem shop. Gems can be purchased for use in the game and utilized to purchase upgrade options for characters. The game comes with multiple modes that include an adventure mode as well as a free mode. The free version lets you earn coins for solving challenges. You can also buy coins using real money.

The game comes with a variety of upgrades that you can buy, which include new characters, more hearts, and even more bombs. You can also improve the abilities of your character including the speed of their movement or even health. There are bonus games that you can participate in to earn more coins.


Join one of many clubs to improve the chances of winning tournaments. The game offers a wealth of content that will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

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Game Screenshots:

  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot
  • Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast Screenshot

Features Of Alchemy Stars Apk

Amazing art Style and Graphics

Our group of more than 150 talented artists has proudly illustrated each Aurorian character with a wealth of details. See the characters come to life in thrilling battle animations as well as stunning conceptual designs.

World-Class Voiceover Talents

Enjoy a thrilling fantasy world, featuring the most talented voiceover team and bringing every favorite character alive in the fantastical realm of Aurora.

Unique Characters, Bursting With Personality

  • Sharona: A Legion Commanding Officer in the Illumina Federation and a cold beauty with the ability of dragons.
  • Carleen: is a noble lady who cannot accept villainy, she is a staunch supporter of the law and hates evil. She is a knight through the efforts of her self.
  • Sariel: She was born in Illumina and escaped through Umbraton to find her grandfather. Sariel is a bit naive and can be misled.
  • Raphael: She is a Lumopolis knight and part of the famous Four Angels. Don’t be scared by her explosives! She’s actually a sweet person.
  • Michael: She is one of The famous Four Angels of the Lumo Knights and she is straight and never smiles. Whereas Michael was transformed by Illumina after being seriously injured, leading to the loss of some of her emotional energy.

Innovative Strategic Gameplay

  • Original turn-based combat masters, the elements to create the most effective strategy for attack.
  • Affordable gameplay to even the most inexperienced of gamers.

Alchemy Stars MOD Apk- Unlimited Money, Gems & Free Shopping

It is possible to download Alchemy Stars Mod from our website and we permit the users to download it from the Google Play Store and download it directly from our website Click on the download link below. After downloading your APK file, visit the file you downloaded and click install. wait for between 2 and 3 minutes. Let’s have fun with this app.

Alchemy Stars MOD Apk Download

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free Gifts
  • Free Purchase

How To Install Alchemy Stars MOD Apk Latest Version on Android

The installation of the Alchemy Stars MOD APK application will not take more than one minute. Just follow the steps below to successfully download and install the Alchemy Stars Premium Mod Apk latest version (1.12.2) on your Android Device.

  • Firstly, Uninstall the old apk version of the application Alchemy Stars from your android device. If already installed.
  • Now download the latest mod apk version of Alchemy Stars from the download section.
  • After downloading, open your file manager or directly press install on the downloaded file.
  • Make sure to allow “unknown sources” from the app settings.
  • All Set, the game is installed and available for use.

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Alchemy Stars Mod is an excellent and awesome game that you should not be able to miss. With a plethora of tactics and combat skills, the game is elevated to a whole new height. Additionally, we offer a variety of appealing games, such as Idle Miner TycoonAge of War 2 This is definitely the location that gives you many exciting adventures. Take a look and try this fun game today.



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