Top 15 Must Have Apps for College Students in 2023

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In today’s digital age, smartphones have become a student’s best buddy in India. From taking notes to setting reminders, there’s an app for every college need. Dive in to learn the 15 best apps that will make your college life both productive and entertaining.

Before a decade or two, it was very difficult to get work done in college, where there was minimum availability of technology to aid students’ work. But in the time of today, it has become easy for students to get their work done with the help of a simple device called a mobile. 

The adoption of mobile in daily life has changed the whole lifestyle of everyone, and its penetration into studies has shifted the way of learning upside down.

In earlier times, students used to do all their work with pen and paper. The age of digitalization has brought a major shift in this methodology and changed the education sector a long way.

These applications will help you excel in all parts of collegiate life, whether you are just starting college, attempting to escape the sophomore slump, thinking that junior year is the year you finally become organized, or juggling looking for jobs and finishing your senior year. There are even a few that will assist you in making the most of your graduate school experience.

The useful apps in this article are bifurcated into 4 broad segments, which are listed below:

  • Must have a useful App for Students.
  • Essential Apps for Education.
  • Apps for students to increase productivity.
  • Apps for Fun & Entertainment.

Must Have Apps for College Students

Must Have Useful Apps for Students

1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most useful for students in college who are trying to make themselves organized. This app makes the student’s life a lot easier. It organizes all the work and assignments of students in order to make it easy for a student to locate their work while searching for it. This app helps in taking notes, exam preparations, and planning. 

2. RefME- Referencing Made Easy.

This app has won the award. It automates the referencing process by searching (for book/journal title, DOI, ISBN, or ISSN) or copying or pasting URLs. This application will generate a reference for you if you are writing a research paper. You may then effortlessly export your references to yourself or Evernote by email. One can install the app here

3. Chegg Study: Homework Helper

Students usually try to get help from a professor when they are stuck on any topic. But many times, the professors are unavailable due to personal reasons, and students find it difficult to get through the topic. Chegg Study is the perfect solution for this. This provides assistance for things 24*7 along with step-by-step solutions to the questions. If you are unable to see the solution already, you can approach the experts in it also.

4. Mindmeister

Getting started is sometimes the most difficult part of an assignment; hence, MindMeister supports students in taking those initial essential steps by helping them to map out their ideas and thoughts more clearly. Mind maps may be created and edited by students, and they can be swiftly organized into folders containing themes, photos, notes, links, and other components.

5. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is one of the finest student applications for scanning and saving a digital copy of your papers at your own speed, with automated functions that assist in defining borders, minimizing distortion, and checking other areas of clarity.

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Essential Apps for Education

1. Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary of English is widely considered the primary authority in studying and referencing the English language, with over 150 years of research behind it. ODE can help everyone who utilizes English in an academic or professional situation.

2. Cumbrian

Students learning a new language will like this app, which teaches foreign language vocabulary on the go with interactive flashcards and quizzes. It is offered in several languages, including German, French, Italian, and Portuguese, and students may track their progress in the cloud. One can install the app now from here

3. Grammarly

Many students are prone to make mistakes in grammar and spelling even after being fluent in English their whole life. This app comes in handy in such scenarios. Grammarly can assist you in catching more errors faster. It checks your work for basic grammatical, spelling, and usage errors. When it discovers mistakes, it highlights them and even tells you what you should submit instead. It’s not perfect, but it’s far superior to any word processor’s built-in spelling/grammar checker.

4. Mathway

Mathematics is one of the major things throughout the studies in whichever stream student is, and it becomes a headache sometimes to do the number crunching. You just have to upload the problem, and the app will solve it for you and provide you with step-by-step solutions. One can install the app directly from Play Store here

5. Coggle

Coggle is a mind-mapping and ideation app that is worth looking into. Its sleek and straightforward interface demonstrates the intelligent design philosophy. You will be able to work with your groupmates in real time using this app, making it great for group work and projects, particularly if you are learning online. You may also use this app to automatically save modifications to your work! You can store as many images as you like with Coggle’s drag-and-drop capability; you don’t have to worry about memory limits or flowing text.

Apps For Students To Increase Productivity

1. Asana

If you like a list-based strategy for life management, Asana is excellent instructional software. When you log into your Asana homepage, you can see all of your pending projects at a glance, as well as their deadlines. You may use the tool to assign tasks. When engaging with others, you can delegate items by sharing tasks or assigning subtasks.

2. Google Calendar

You can easily recognize responsibilities throughout the day, weekday, and month because of its straightforward structure. Set up reminders for important dates or to-dos to ensure that you do not forget anything. Install the app here.

3. Notion

The Notion is an app that helps you organize daily life by scheduling tasks, managing files, creating reminders, and creating agendas. You’ll have such a lot on your plate as a student, from accomplishing tiny jobs to meeting all deadlines. You may get more organized by simplifying your deadlines and difficulties in the app using Notion.

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Apps for Fun & Entertainment

1. MovieMasti

The app Movie Masti helps you to get updates on the latest movies, reviews, and ticket bookings in cinemas near you. Here are some tasks where you can also earn in your initial days just by watching. Explore the app here.

2. GameZone India

Connect with fellow student gamers, discover trending games, and participate in local e-sport tournaments. Install the app here.


These apps will help college students in their overall development, including their educational growth and their personal growth, like being more focused and more productive. With these 15 apps, navigating college life becomes a breeze. Whether you’re aiming for academic excellence or just looking to enjoy your college days to the fullest, there’s an app here for every Indian student’s needs. So, install them and let the magic unfold!



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