Top Selfie Apps for Your Phone – USA 2023

Selfie App for Android

The quality of phone cameras has improved so much in the last few years that we can no longer imagine the old pixelated pictures anymore. The new trend of selfies has also increased in the past decade, more than it ever before. However, taking the perfect selfie requires more than just a good front-facing camera.

best top Selfie Apps for Android

There are so many aspects to take into consideration to make sure your photo stands out from the crowd. If you love and frequent your social media space, then you might have a clue as to how much thought and elements it takes to have a good selfie. For you to improve your selfie skills, you must download and use the top selfie applications available. However, before downloading, ensure to have a strong internet connection like AT&T Internet for easy downloading without any interruptions.

With that solved, this article contains some top selfie apps that can assist you in taking your perfect photo.


Camera360 is among the most effective photo editing applications for selfies. Now, if you are looking for fun filters and tricks for editing photos with no heavy lifting, this should be your go-to app.

You can use over 100 funny stickers that are put in various categories for easy exploration. Additionally, the application comes with makeup and beauty filters and a camera feature that apply a beauty filter automatically.

The app also offers real-time editing using its makeup and beauty filters that are available to help you get the perfect photo. Alongside the fun stickers and makeup filters, it comes with over 100 of the most popular filtering options that allow you to change the way your photos appear in just one click.

Split Pic

Cloning has turned into a new thing in the world of selfies. If you do it right, it can look amazing on you. It allows you to replicate yourself in three, two, or even more lookalikes.

Moreover, it not only lets you create clones of your selfies, but it allows you to rotate them, flip them and blend them into other photos to create an extra-cool effect. Split Pic is free for both iOS as well as Android users.


Retrica is voted the most popular selfie application and social network with more than 100 amazing filters that allow selfie collages using diverse photos shot from different angles, live video, and GIF images.

With this application, you can annotate your photos using images, time stamps, text, and other information. That not only connect with other users and follows their photos using the chronological design that the app provides. In addition, you can also send images on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


FaceTune 2

Facetune has been termed a good selfie toolkit. The app works as your private “glam team,” this award-winning app includes easy-to-use tools like smooth skin, teeth whitener, glitter brushes, as well as the ability to remove red eyes.

The best part about Facetune is that you can utilize the live Retouching feature to enhance your photos before you snap them. In the app, you can also alter the size or appearance of the features of your body and face and the direction of the lighting source. Facetune 2 is free to download but also includes in-app purchases and an annual membership that gives unlimited use of its features.


Snapchat is an excellent application for your selfies. The app features excellent lenses, filters, and a new intriguing feature, like 3D-Bitmoji. If you snap a selfie, you can also share it with your contacts.

With this app for selfies, it is easy to save your entire photo collection and then share it on social networks any time you want. Chat is available that allows you to communicate with your buddies. Video chats can be as large as 16 participants and allow you to apply lenses and filters of various types.


VSCO is a well-known photo editor and is a must-have app for people who like to take selfies on the regular. The app is famous for its collection of filters and various editing tools.

The app offers a wide range of features, filters pre-installed that will work for any user, and the ability to alter the proportions and highlights, shadows, and more. If you have made changes to one photo and you don’t want to repeat the same thing for your next image, the app can prove very beneficial to you.

The free versions are identical to those employed by professionals and, therefore, it is safe to say that installing this application will make your selfies much more attractive.


If you’re searching for professionally styled makeover apps, then Pixtr might be the one you’ve been looking for. It uses the latest technologies to detect facial features to alter your photos and help you appear your best.

You can use Pixtr to create a sculpted face, smooth your skin, eliminate any blemishes, lighten your teeth, give some color to your lips, and more. Once you are finished, you can simply post your selfies on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.


Whether you wish on editing your existing selfies and pictures, or if you are hoping to capture the best angles with a beauty camera, these apps will help you achieve your ideal self-portrait.



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