Decor Life 1.0.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars/Gems) Free Download

Decor Life Mod Apk
Decor Life Mod Apk

The Decor Life Mod Apk is one of the amazing simulation games which has the same gameplay as Decor Life РHome Design Game which is available on the Google Play Store and has Unlocked Features with Unlimited Money, Gems, Stars & No Ads for free. In this apk mod player has to decore their houses and can become good interior designer by playing this game. Get Free Shopping, Free Rewards with Ads removed features for free. Download now to enjoy this amazing game.

What is Decor Life – Home Design Game?

Decor Life is an interesting simulation game where players will be able to embody the most unique and unusual designs. Within the simulation, players go through a complete process of work that starts at the beginning of the development of a new concept and culminates with its actual execution.

There aren’t any strict guidelines or restrictions. Everything is based on the player’s imagination.¬†This project encourages imagination visual thinking and artistic flair and imagination.¬†The project is designed to appeal to both children and adults.

Within the Decor Life game for Android, it is the player’s job to accept any orders He will also have to arrange various premises.¬†The procedure is recreated with all the details and is comprised of multiple stages.¬†The first step is to create a possible design and develop a unique concept.

The next step is to remove all old furniture, remove doors in the interior, and then remove the wallpaper. After that, you can do a modern and stylish remodeling.

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How to Play Decor Life?

Decor Life Mod Apk offers the real challenge of the use of imagination, time management, and solving problems.¬†It is important to select the best furniture that is suitable for your style and budget. In the beginning, you’re faced with a house abandoned.¬†It is just a matter of being more selective in the assistance you offer to other players.¬†The game moves through various levels and gets more challenging as you advance.

You’ll face unique issues like B.¬†Set a budget, choose the best furniture and plan your time.¬†You must manage your possessions and complete the task without wasting resources. The game offers a range of tools, furniture, and accessories.¬†These items can be purchased with in-game currency and real currency.¬†The cost of these items is contingent on the quality and the brand.

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What is Decor Life MOD Apk?

If you played the first game Decor Life, in the initial stages of Decor Life, you may be required to spend a significant amount of time building up Decor Life in-game currency to enhance your game, or via the game’s in-game payments, you can spend money to rapidly build.

In either case, you’re likely to need to invest the time or cash into the process this isn’t a good thing for the majority of simulation games.¬†If you utilize the Decor Life mod apk, you can avoid these two issues completely, and can play the game with ease.

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Game Screenshots:

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Features Of Decor Life Apk

Homes sweet homes

An enticing and growing number of rooms that you can tackle, each one having its own distinct atmosphere and features of its proprietor. You can try again to discover the best solution for your renovation to fit every area. Select the furniture and décor options Then move them around until you locate the right place.

Out of the box

Decor Life is a game that follows the remodeling process from beginning to end. Start by sorting the furniture and the contents of the unrenovated, old room into appropriate boxes, then move on to choosing different home designs, moving furniture, and unboxing it after which you can unpack and organize new items of decor and other items in the newly decorated space.


Not sure of your personal taste for home decor?¬†There’s no definitive answer to this question in Decor Life, and nobody to make your decisions right at the conclusion of each stage.¬†You can choose the furniture and designs you’d like to have and judge their performance according to your own criteria There’s nothing to hinder you from relaxing and getting the maximum enjoyment by let your imagination let loose.


The perfect place to store everything

when it comes to the process of unboxing, you don’t know what you’ll discover.>Are you able to determine which place is best for an instrument as well as a secure, stunning still life or other individual and unique items which are seeking the perfect spot in your new home?

Everywhere you are on the globe

The home design map opens for you to design your own home. You don’t have to play the levels in order, you can start decorating wherever you like and play this game by exploring the various rooms that are on the maps.

Advanced gameplay mechanics

This game uses top-of-the-line game mechanics to provide the most realistic experience.¬†It tests your home’s beauty and furniture-making skills right starting from scratch.¬†The motion of furniture and other objects is extremely realistic.

Interactive gaming

You can experience the stress of managing and owning a house.¬†It’s as if you lived in the house you’re building.¬†You can alter every aspect of your rooms and even choose different colors for every room!

Multiple stages

The game features several levels, each of that becomes more challenging as you move forward.¬†You’ll have to be savvy and use your resources well to get through the challenges.

In-game currency

In-app purchases are available in the game for between $25 and $99. This currency can be used to purchase furniture appliances, furniture, and other home items. This increases your chance of becoming the best home designer!

Simple user interface

SayGames Ltd has designed this game with a simple interface that makes it simple for anyone to play. The controls are simple and it is possible to learn the basics quickly.

Purchase and unbox items

This game can be a lot of fun and exciting moments. The process of choosing and buying items for your home could be very relaxing. It will be a feeling of fulfillment when you take the box of each item, and then place it inside your home.

Explore the possibilities!

The challenge is to design a fashionable and practical home that is functional and stylish.¬†You’ll need to utilize creativity and thinking out of the box to create the most appealing ideas.

3D graphics

The game features stunning 3D graphics which give the game a more realistic feel. It’s like you’re at home with beautiful furnishings and kitchen appliances.

Download Decor Life MOD Apk- Unlimited Money, Gems, Free Shopping

Decor Life – Home Design Game is a great way to entertain yourself at any time. Furthermore, it’s an activity that allows you to exercise observation and imagination. Additionally, you can make your own dream space. Follow the link for the Decor Life app and MOD for absolutely free.

Decor Life Mod Apk Download

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Endless Stars
  • Free Shopping
  • Free Rewards
  • No Ads

How To Install Decor Life MOD Apk Latest Version on Android

The installation of the Decor Life MOD APK application will not take more than one minute. Just follow the steps below to successfully download and install the Decor Life Premium Mod Apk latest version (1.0.12) on your Android Device.

You can get Decor Life APK from a third-party website of your choice. You can follow these steps:

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” on Your Device. Go to “Settings”, select “Security”, and tap “Unknown sources”. You will be asked to confirm this, so make sure to enable the option.
  2. Download Decor Life Mod APK on Your Device. Access third-party websites that offer this app for download. All you need to do is tap the link and wait for download completion.
  3. Install the App. Once the download is complete, you can go to your download folder and tap the file. Wait for the setup process to complete, and tap “Finish” when prompted.

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The Decor Life MOD APK has Unlimited Money features, which will be completely free and you don’t even need to install root on your device.¬†Simply download and install the APK file using OBB and you’ll be able to enjoy Decor Life Mod APK totally free.¬†You can read this article, we have provided you with all the details about this game but should you have to need help or have a question, leave a comment below and we’ll assist you promptly.¬†Thanks for downloading the latest Decor Life Hack for Android.



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