10 Best (100% Free) Antivirus For Android 2022

Ankit, Thursday, October 20, 2022

The best benefit of antivirus for android is that it will scan new apps and keep your device safe. All of these antivirus apps for android offer on-demand scanning as well as scheduling options. The schedule option is more useful for Windows as well as android users. All of the mentioned free antivirus for android (2022) also offers safe browsing features that keep you from surfing fraudulent websites or malicious URLs. They all use the latest technology to scan for malware and protect your device from viruses. However, before you install a new antivirus, make sure that it is compatible with your android device.

1. Avira

Avira is a free Android antivirus app that can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. It also supports all Android versions and offers a wide range of features. AVG has a range of privacy features and an integrated identity guard which keeps an eye on email addresses for leaks. It also comes with a range of anti-theft features, including the ability to remotely trigger an alarm or lock the device if it is lost. AVG can also help boost RAM by killing idle processes, removing junk files, and putting sensitive photos in secure storage.

Avira Antivirus for Android

Avira offers a wide range of features and benefits, making it one of the top free antivirus programs for Android. It has a reputation for being effective in protecting the operating system from malware and virus infections and has won numerous independent tests. Its free version comes with a number of useful features, including a Permissions Manager that allows you to rank applications according to privacy. Avira’s free version also comes with a built-in Identity Safeguard tool. It also has anti-theft features and a phone locator, alarming and wiping the device.

Another great free antivirus app for Android is Avast Mobile Security. It provides complete protection against malware and malicious apps, and even comes with features that protect against unwanted callers. It also allows you to control your screen time and delete junk files. It also protects your privacy, and it scans Wi-Fi networks for security risks. The antivirus app is completely free, though you can also opt for a paid plan, which offers 30 days of protection.

Playstore Link: Avira Antivirus For Android

2. Avast Mobile Security

AVG Free Antivirus is among the best free antivirus for Android devices. It scans your device in real time and keeps it safe from malicious threats. It also helps improve performance by cleaning junk files. The free version does not include app backup, device lock, or VPN protection. It also has annoying pop-ups that link to other apps that offer these features. Still, it is an excellent choice for most people.

avast free antivirus for Android

The Avast Mobile Security antivirus protects Android devices from malware, viruses, and spyware. It also helps you find your phone if it’s stolen or lost. Other features include remote device lock, memory wipe, and firewall for rooted phones. Users can also opt for in-app purchases if they wish to use advanced features. Avast Mobile Security is a free antivirus for Android.

It is important to protect your Android device from malicious apps. Malware is common on Android devices. The Android firmware is less secure than iOS, which opens the door to spyware and other malicious code. The Android app store is also less regulated than the Apple App Store. Norton Mobile Security’s powerful malware scanner will alert you to suspicious apps. Moreover, the security app will alert you to apps that can drain your battery faster.

Avast Mobile Security is more than an antivirus scanner. The app also comes with anti-theft and anti-phishing features. The app can help you track your lost device, and lock or wipe data remotely. It also includes other useful features like web protection and wi-fi checker. The paid version of Avast Mobile Security offers more advanced features, such as a junk cleaner and memory booster.

Playstore Link: Avast Mobile Security

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

 Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes top-rated antivirus and security tools to protect your identity and privacy. Kaspersky protects against common malware, as well as advanced hacking tricks. You can install individual tools to address specific threats or keep your data encrypted. Kaspersky also offers student discounts. It is also worth mentioning that Kaspersky offers significant price cuts during holidays, such as Cyber Monday.

kaspersky antivirus for android

Firewall protection is essential for Android devices, as this will help keep your data safe and prevent hackers from compromising your data. Because Android’s operating system is prone to vulnerabilities, viruses are an inevitable result. These programs work in the userland area, the uppermost layer of the operating system below the application framework. Kaspersky Internet Security protects against malware and other threats by scanning encrypted connections.

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The premium versions of the antivirus apps come with additional features, such as a VPN and identity protection. Premium tiers are priced at $15-$30 per year, and some app makers limit the number of devices you can install them on. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can be purchased separately and includes manual scanning and real-time protection. It also has controls for lost and stolen devices. It also supports Android Wear, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a good antivirus for Android.

Bitdefender Mobile Security provides protection from viruses and malware. The software also offers a secure VPN to surf the Internet and helps users find lost devices. It also protects from phishing sites. It scans newly-installed apps and updates its virus database frequently, and it displays your security level graphically. This antivirus also alerts you if your mobile device discovers an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Playstore Link: Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

4. Malwarebytes

 The Malwarebytes antivirus for Android app is a great choice if you are concerned about mobile malware. Its aggressive detection helps you keep your device free of spyware and other potential threats. It also protects you against bloatware and helps you identify apps with high privacy. And if you’re worried about your privacy, the app’s privacy audit helps you identify applications that monitor you and gather data.

Malwarebytes for android

The free version of Malwarebytes does not include much, but the Premium version does offer features like file backup and VPN. It does not prevent malware infection, but it does clean up the malicious files that are already present on your device. The free version is ad-free, but if you want to fully protect your device, you can upgrade to the Premium version. The premium version has additional features, including real-time malware detection.

Among the best free antivirus apps for Android, Malwarebytes is the most advanced. It is designed to protect your device from malware infections, such as Trojans and other ransomware. Unlike the paid versions, it also scans apps for known malware before they can infect your device. And because most of these free antivirus apps contain ads, it’s hard to trust them.

Bitdefender is another good free antivirus app for Android. Its free edition scans apps, files, and current Wi-Fi networks. Other features include malicious website protection, a Wi-Fi speed test, and an anti-theft feature. The company behind AVG owns the popular antivirus app, and it has similar protection scores as the free version. AVG has a similar reputation as a free antivirus app.

Playstore Link: Malwarebytes Mobile Security

5. Trend Micro Antivirus

 Trend Micro is an American multinational cybersecurity software company. With global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and R&D centers in Taipei, Taiwan, the company has a worldwide presence, with regional offices in Europe, Asia and North America. Its products are used by government agencies and businesses and are available in more than 50 countries. Among its products are antivirus and antispyware products. Founded in 1993, Trend Micro Inc. focuses on the development of security solutions for all types of computer and network threats.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Security programs from Trend Micro scan for known malware and augment scanning with heuristic analysis. Trend Micro also provides protection against identity theft, and it detects ransomware variants, ensuring that you don’t fall victim to this type of malware. In addition to protecting your data, Trend Micro’s anti-ransomware features also detect and block dangerous websites and links. Trend Micro offers several levels of browsing protection to suit every user’s needs.

Trend Micro antivirus software is highly effective in blocking malicious files and is easy to use. The company also offers a range of other security products, such as a standalone VPN and parental controls. Its website-blocking technology is an integral part of its parental controls. The software is easy to install and use, but some users might find it limited in its configuration options. It also has a significantly larger impact on the system’s performance than other antivirus products.

Playstore Link: Trend Micro Antivirus

6. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is an anti-malware app for your Android device that leverages deep learning to protect your corporate data and users. It offers network, device, and application protection. It also offers two-factor authentication and privacy advisor features. It protects against viruses and malware. With its powerful malware protection, Intercept X for Mobile helps you protect your data and your privacy. The app can also be configured to scan any app and block malicious content.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

It provides multi-layer security to stop malware while keeping a low false-positive rate to allow staff to continue working without being interrupted. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with the Sophos Central console to provide a unified management interface for your security needs. As with all Sophos products, you can easily manage your device and keep your data safe with Sophos Intercept X for Mobile.

Sophos has been a leading company in cybersecurity for over 30 years. With their latest mobile security product, Sophos has continued to evolve their technology and make it even more effective. The new Intercept X platform uses AI, which involves deep learning and mimics the neural network of a human brain. This technology allows the software to detect threats both known and unknown. Furthermore, the software was tested against competing products, and Sophos proved to be superior in reducing false positives.

Playstore Link: Sophos Intercept X for Mobile 

Sophos is a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting over 400,000 organizations in 150 countries. Its cloud-native and AI-enhanced solutions protect endpoints and networks from evolving cybercriminal tactics. The Sophos Central security platform is a central management platform that unifies the best-of-breed Sophos products. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is the next evolution in endpoint security for mobile devices.

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7. Panda Dome Free Antivirus For Android

 If you’re looking for a free antivirus app for your Android phone, you’ve probably come across Panda Dome. The antivirus app can keep your phone safe from viruses and other threats, but what makes it stand out from the pack is the fact that it also offers a number of additional features. It has a comprehensive FAQ section that lists frequently asked questions, as well as guides for common problems. In addition, the app has a ticket system that allows you to contact a customer support agent. You can also sign up for Panda Dome’s premium plans to receive unlimited technical support from an agent. Obviously, the premium plan comes with a significant price tag, but you can rest assured that you’ll get fast, efficient service.

Panda Dome Free Antivirus For Android

Another feature of Panda Dome’s antivirus is its anti-theft system. The program includes a virtual keyboard that protects you from keyloggers. In addition, it includes a password manager, a secure vault for sensitive files, and 20GB of cloud storage for backups. If you want to protect yourself from pranksters, Panda Dome has a VPN built-in to its software that can secure up to 150MB of data per day.

As with all antivirus programs, Panda Dome offers a free trial period to ensure that you’re happy with the security of your device. It also comes with a money-back guarantee. The company also offers support for your product’s technical support and refund policy. The app is available for download in the Google Play Store. You can also sign up for its newsletter. Just make sure to enter your email address in the survey to receive a discount.

Playstore Link: Panda Dome Free Antivirus

8. Bitdefender – Easy-to-Use With Excellent Malware Protection

If you’re looking for an antivirus program that is easy to use, Bitdefender might be a good choice. This program’s comprehensive knowledge base is a wealth of information. Videos and articles are more detailed than competitors’ support resources. You can easily navigate the Bitdefender knowledge base and get a quick answers to your questions. It even includes a guide to setting up Bitdefender and disinfecting your devices.

Bitdefender For Android

Using Bitdefender is easy, as its UI is easy to use and is geared towards internet security. Bitdefender’s main features are grouped into Privacy and Protection, so you can find them with just a few clicks. The Bitdefender dashboard contains shortcuts to recommended actions, and you can even customize them to suit your personal needs. The Bitdefender app also features a free version.

As a bonus, Bitdefender comes with a tune-up tool for system optimization and junk file removal. You can use this tool to save important files. It scans your computer quickly and groups its findings into different categories, such as disk cleanup, registry cleaning, and privacy cleanup. The scan is conducted automatically, so you can view any files it notes. The Bitdefender tune-up tool also features a browser extension called SafePay.

In addition to its anti-malware features, Bitdefender’s new app comes with anti-tracker features, which block malicious cookies. It also comes with an Anti-Tracking browser extension, which must be installed separately. Moreover, Bitdefender also has new features in the form of Dark and Light modes. Bitdefender’s privacy features are more sophisticated and difficult to detect in everyday use.

Playstore Link: Bitdefender Mobile Security

9.  Total AV- Great Web Protection & Data Breach Scanning

 TotalAV’s web protection and data breach scanning is one of the best options for protecting sensitive information on the Internet. After downloading the software, you will be prompted to install it. When the installation is complete, you will see a toast message informing you of the status of your scan. After installation, you must sign into your TotalAV account to activate the full version of the software. Once you do so, you can then enjoy the full features of the product.

TotalAV for android

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact TotalAV via email or phone, although support is not always available the same day. You can also access the knowledge base or FAQ on the TotalAV website. However, it can take up to 48 hours for them to reply to your email. For this reason, you may want to cancel your subscription before the end of your first year.

Total AV is great at monitoring malware, which has previously been downloaded onto your computer. It can also block it from accessing your computer, even if you’ve previously been infected. The program allows you to choose between a Smart Scan and a Full System scan, so you can choose what suits you best. A Quick Scan will scan files and directories that you’ve downloaded or saved, while a Full System scan will scan every file and folder on your computer. You can also schedule your scans so that you get the maximum protection.

Playstore Link: TotalAV Antivirus & VPN

10. McAfee Security Free Antivirus

 If you’re on a tight budget, you can still get a powerful antivirus with McAfee’s Security Free. It offers web protection, parental controls, and a password manager, as well as McAfee’s Virus Protection Pledge and 100% Guarantee. It also offers automatic renewal. Its free trial offers you enough time to find out if it is right for your needs, then make a decision based on your needs.

Mcafee for android

This antivirus has a lot of features that most other antivirus programs don’t offer. The McAfee Community forum provides help on a variety of topics. If you have technical problems, McAfee’s Techmaster can help you troubleshoot the issue remotely. The program also continuously delivers new versions of its software. This makes it one of the best free antiviruses available. But there are some drawbacks to McAfee’s antivirus program.

The program’s identity theft protection feature works well, protecting your identity and protecting your computer in real-time. The program encrypts your files, filters phishing emails, and alerts you to suspicious devices. It also scans your downloaded files and external drives for viruses and other malware. It also helps you manage your cookies. Unlike some other antivirus programs, McAfee Security Free has a cost-effective option for many countries.

Playstore Link: McAfee Security Antivirus App

The McAfee Identity Theft Protection feature allows you to monitor your security by checking for data brokers and analytics. The McAfee Identity Theft Protection feature lets you see your Protection Score, which reflects how safe your identity is from cyber criminals. Another important feature is the personal data cleanup tool, which lets you remove your outdated and unneeded information from the Internet. Another useful feature is the McAfee QuickClean tool, which helps speed up your PC’s performance.

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Antivirus is an android smartphone that is important as it keeps mobile clean from viruses. The above information regarding different antivirus was to be aware of the best antivirus for android. Try to keep any of the best antivirus mentioned above in your android device to keep your mobile safe and secure. Hope you got here everything you need to know about the best free antivirus for android. Keep Visiting for more cool stuff thanks.

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