Beat Shot 3D MOD APK v1.5.36 (Full Unlocked)


If you are a game and a music lover and want an excellent gaming experience with spicy music, Beat Shot 3D is a must download for you. Beatshot 3D allows you to play entertaining games and listen to cool music in the background. With one finger control system, Beat Shot 3D is easy to play and a great time killer. In this post, you will get to know about Beat Shot 3D Mod Apk and how to download it in easy steps.

About The Beatshot 3D Apk

Beat Shot 3D is a free to play entertaining game which comes with unique EDM music. You can choose from a range of popular songs and listen to them while playing. It is a great play for gun lovers. Without much hassle you can understand the game and play it easily with a finger tap.

Beat Shot 3D is popular for its EDM music that gives a soothing feel while playing. The cherry on the cake is its excellent graphics with gun sounds which gives you the best gaming experience.

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Beat Shot 3D Mod Apk?

Beatshot 3D mod Apk will give you all features available in normal apk. You will get ad free experience and premium services for which you need to pay in the original game. Just make sure that it is not harmful to your device.

Benefits of Beat Shot 3D Game

Beat Shot 3D is different from traditional gun and weapon games because it does not involve any violence. In other games you have to kill a lot of enemies and hear bloodshed music in the background. But in this game, you will hit the blocks without any bloodshed and the music in the background is also calming.

Also, the game is not as easy as it may sound. You have to fix the target and depending on the target, gunshot will vary each time. The wallpapers and the music will also change with each round. So, you get a new feeling as the difficulty increases.

Game Screenshots:

  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot
  • Beat Shot 3D - edm Bullet Rush Screenshot

Beat Shot 3D features:

  1. Robust game graphics: The game developers have worked extensively on the graphics. It’s realistic 3D effects give an epic gaming experience and visuals combined with the music soothe your soul. Another feature is that the game navigation is easy to control. On your finger tap, you can hit the shots. The faster the speed of your hand, the more shots you hit and the better score you make. As you slide your fingers, you will be able to move away the cubes with gunshots.
  2. EDM music in background: The game is not only popular for the graphics but also for EDM music. Young listeners of this music enjoy this kind of beat because it is made up of different instruments thereby creating a strong rhythm. You get the option to choose from different types of music like Alan Walker’s Faded, Vicetone’s Nevada, and much more. When these sounds are combined with gunshots, the feel is epic.
  3. Easy to control:The new version of BeatShot 3D can be easily controlled by one finger. It’s a game of your finger speed. Due to all these features, the game enjoys 4.5 stars rating in the playstore.
  4. New effects:The new version of Beat Shot 3D game comes with adjusted weapon effects which increase gamer experience. Earlier the users were given only guns. But now you get tons of weapons to set your target. The developers have also added new camera effects to enrich your experience. So, you can beat your stress while beating the boxes.

How To Install Beat Shot Game Mod Apk Latest Version on Android

Beat Shot 3D is available for download in our download section below. So, you can download it from there.


If you want to download the apk version first read the guidelines of the Apk version carefully. Then it will ask for certain permissions. Grant the permissions. The game is usually 42 Mb in size.

Beat Shot 3d mod apk download

When you are downloading the Apk, download and installation steps should be read carefully otherwise the game won’t work properly on your device.

How to Play Beat Shot 3D?

Beatshot 3D is easy to play. You can follow the steps below to enjoy different features of the game.

  • First download the game and give required permissions.
  • Click on play and you will see a lot of blocks coming your way, followed by your favorite music in the background.
  • Your target is to break the blocks that come along.
  • Use your fingers to set the position of the gun and break the blocks.
  • If you don’t want to end the game, make sure not to miss the tiles.
  • While breaking the blocks, you will see several coins and gems in the route.
  • Collect these coins and gems as they will help you unlock many new features and songs.

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Beat Shot 3D is a perfect game for music and graphics lovers. It’s a great pastime and helps you calm your mind. With over 5 million users, the game has 4.5 stars rating because of its active customer support system and addition of latest features. From guns and weapons to the music in the background you will become addicted to this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can you use Beat Shot 3D Game on laptop or PC?

Ans: Yes, Beat Shot 3D Game is available for both windows and android.

2. Is the Beat Shot Game totally free?

Ans: Yes, Beat Shot game is available on play store for free.

3. Is Beat Shot Apk safe?

Ans: Yes, Beat Shot 3D Apk is safe to use. But depending on the website from which you download the apk, it might contain some harmful virus. So you should download from a trusted source.



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