AirBattery Pro Apk v1.4.3 (Unlocked) for Android


Have you struggled with keeping your battery life on the AirPods? Most of the people wait till the sound disappears so that they know ‘now is the time to charge’. But you don’t have to do that any longer! We have the smart app for your smart android device, which will track the battery life of your AirPods. The AirBattery Pro is an AirPod dedicated app developed by Georg Fredrich to make it easier, simpler and productive for you. However with its premium features, the cost of the app gets higher, and to solve this problem we are providing you with the APK for free of cost.

Follow this article till the bottom and enjoy the AirPods like never before, by just downloading this exciting app on your device and solving the lifetime problem. So what is the wait for? Go and get the app downloaded on your smartphone now!

About the AirBattery Pro

The AirBattery Pro is also dedicated to the AirPods and BeatsX & Co. This app allows you to keep track of the battery life of your AirPods and BeatsX so that you don’t have to wait for the music to get closed. In this article you will find all the necessary details and information regarding the AirBattery Pro APK through which you can install it in your device without any difficulty or issue. We have provided you a safe platform, now it is your chance to grab the opportunity to install the apps.

What is AirBattery Pro APK

The AirBattery Pro APK is a must if you use the AirPods and BeatsX for the media and entertainment. It keeps you updated regarding the battery life status on your smartphone and android devices. Choosing this app will not only help you to keep the AirPods in check but also know when the battery is going to be out.

How to use the AirBattery Pro APK

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Using the app is very simple! All you need to do is follow the article, download the app and enjoy the life free services. This app is a life saver and you cannot miss this chance by losing this opportunity. The AirBattery Pro APK has a very easy and handy user interface that anybody can use and get used to. So take the opportunity, and install the app now!

What is the AirBattery Pro APK?

AirBattery Pro APK is the APK version of the app where you can enjoy all the premium features in your pockets. From battery status to updates, keep track of everything with your AirPods and BeatsX by a single click.

Features of AirBattery Pro

You must have a look at the features of the AirBattery Pro APK  before you decide to download it on your smartphone. Out of the multiple services, features and pros, we have gathered some of the most important ones for you and listed below.

  • See charge level of Apple’s AirPods and BeatsX & Co.
  • Apple W1 and H1 chip supported
  • Auto updating available
  • Notifications appear in the status bar of the smartphone
  • In ear detection of Spotify

Download the AirBattery Pro APK


The AirBattery Pro APK is an exciting app, which you should have on your device. It is useful and reliable as well, which can boost the smartphone experience. Since you’re getting all the locked features for premium services, with zero cost for the purchase, you shouldn’t think more about whether to have it or not. Have a look at the Mod features, follow the steps mentioned below, and download the AirBattery Pro APK now!

Mod features

Here are some of the Mod features that you should know about the AirBattery Pro APK, before you download and install this awesome app for your device. Make sure to follow the steps that we have presented for you in this blog to have the safest and most reliable source of download.

  • The apk is completely compatible to all types of android devices, regardless of the specifications
  • You will find no glitches or bugs during the functioning of the apk
  • The AirBattery Pro APK is completely free of cost, loaded with all the paid features
  • The download stream, provided by us is fully safe and secured

How to download and install AirBattery Pro

If you liked the free version of the AirBattery Pro APK, you should only download through the steps that we are providing you with. Follow the method mentioned below and enjoy the app for free of cost.

  • Open your browser and type the url and search AirBattery Pro APK on the search bar.
  • The new window will provide you with all the necessary details and information that is required for the user.
  • Hit the ‘Download’ button on the screen, and it shall take you to the bottom of the window, where you’ll find another ‘download’ button (with the size of the app written on it).
  • Click on it and it shall take you to another page that asks for your confirmation regarding the download.
  • Click on it and hit the other download APK option that appears on your screen.
  • You’ll be sent to a page where the link will be generated for download and installation, click on it and let it download on your device.
  • After AirBattery Pro APK is downloaded successfully, go to the download history and install the app.


Note that Enable while downloading it from the browser, your device may not allow it to download. In that case open “Unknown Sources” on Your Device. Go to “Settings”, select “Security”, and tap “Unknown sources”. You will be asked to confirm this, so make sure to enable the option.

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The AirBattery Pro APK is an interesting apk that we suggest you to have in your smartphone. We’re sure that it will enhance your smartphone experience after you successfully install it according to our provided guidelines. So what are you waiting for? Download this exciting apk on your device and enjoy the premium features and services for free of cost.

People Also Ask: FAQs

Is the AirBattery Pro Apk completely free?

Yes, the AirBattery Pro Apk is completely free with all the premium features unlocked and ready to use.

Is the app available for pc?

For current usage, the features are only offered in the android smartphone.

Is the Mod version of the AirBattery Pro safe?

Yes, the mod version that we’re providing you with is completely safe and secure.

How to use this app?

You need to download and install the app. Once you open the app, you can easily set the settings. It is extremely handy and works smoothly on any device.




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